ICBC Privacy Breach Class Action


ICBC is a Crown Corporation with a monopoly for automobile insurance in British Columbia. It also manages driver’s licenses for the Province. Therefore, every resident of British Columbia with a driver’s license or automobile insurance is required to provide personal information to ICBC. Literally hundreds of ICBC employees and agents have access to ICBC's databank of personal information. ICBC is under a duty to protect the privacy of its customers. There have been numerous incidents of ICBC employees accessing individuals’ personal information for improper purposes.

What is this law suit about?

Beginning in 2010, at least 65 individuals had their personal information accessed by an ICBC employee illegitimately and without authorization. Many of those individuals had a connection to the Justice Institute of British Columbia and have been the targets of shootings, arson and other property damage. A class action has been filed by Collette Parsons Harris* Lawyers to obtain compensation for all individuals who had their personal information accessed by this ICBC employee, including compensation for the breaches of privacy under provincial privacy legislation, restitution of property damage and punitive damages.

What is a class action?

A class action is a law suit that allows one person, called a representative plaintiff, to start an action on behalf of himself/herself as well as all others who fit into the defined class, subject to the rights of class members to withdraw or opt-out. This means that a single person can commence a class proceeding on behalf of everyone who has suffered a similar harm. Class proceedings legislation allows greater access to justice by permitting groups of people who are similarly affected to join together in commencing legal action.

How can you get included in this action?

If you have had your personal information accessed as a result of this privacy breach, either ICBC or the RCMP have likely already contacted you and informed you that your private information has been accessed for an improper and unauthorized purpose. We will be applying for certification of this class action and once the court certifies it as a class action you will automatically be included unless you opt out. If you opt out you may pursue your own individual law suit against ICBC at your own cost. Please contact us at, or call Guy Collette or Richard Parsons at 604-662-7777 for further information.

Court documents filed:

Notice of Civil Claim

Further information:

We will be keeping the class informed of the latest information and the progress of this proceeding on this website. However, if you have further questions contact counsel in this action, Guy J. Collette at Collette Parsons Harris* Lawyers at or 604-662-7777.

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    Crossing at an intersection as pedestrians my grandparents were run down and seriously injured by an uninsured and unlicensed motorist. The claims department of ICBC falsely told my grandparents there was nothing that ICBC could do to help them because the driver was uninsured. As a fellow lawyer myself, practicing business law, I was able draw upon contacts to find and retain Collette Parsons Harris* to act for my grandparents. My grandparents' claims were handled professionally and settled favorably at mediation.

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