Cyclist Accidents

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  • Client Testimonials

    Crossing at an intersection as pedestrians my grandparents were run down and seriously injured by an uninsured and unlicensed motorist. The claims department of ICBC falsely told my grandparents there was nothing that ICBC could do to help them because the driver was uninsured. As a fellow lawyer myself, practicing business law, I was able draw upon contacts to find and retain Collette Parsons Harris* to act for my grandparents. My grandparents' claims were handled professionally and settled favorably at mediation.

    S.J., Vancouver BC

    I suffered a brain injury in an accident. Collette Parsons Harris* acted for me and my case was settled without having to go to trial. I am very happy to have the case behind me and to move on. I sincerely appreciate the professional, unbiased, and selfless approach Collette Parsons Harris* took in bring my case to conclusion. I am glad that I called them and I would recommend them to any friend or family member who was ever in need of their skills and service.

    C.E., Toronto

    I developed chronic pain and fibromyalgia from a car accident. I hired Collette Parsons Harris* to act for me and they fought my case very hard for years. The defendants denied that I was injured leading up to the 15 day trial but Collette Parsons Harris* always had my back and went above and beyond the call of duty. They cared about me and my case and treated me with commitment and respect. We attended a mediation a few months before the trial but walked away when an insufficient offer was made. Weeks before the trial the defendants made an acceptable offer and my case settled. I don't know what I would have done without them. I have referred other people to Collette Parsons Harris* since my accident and I would highly recommend them to anyone, without question!

    K.L., Vancouver

    I live in Lake Tahoe California and I was involved in a head on collision with a jack-knifed semi trailer on a highway in central British Columbia. I suffered serious injuries that changed my life. I hired Collette Parsons to act for me and I was extremely happy with their work and the result in my case. Because Richard Parsons is licensed in British Columbia and California he was able to deal with the BC part of my case and my case against my own insurance company in California for refusing to pay my medical and disability benefits. I strongly recommend Collette Parsons Harris* to other Americans who are involved in accidents in Canada.

    S.M. Homewood, California

    I suffered a spinal cord injury and I was told it was my own fault and there was nothing I could do. I hired Collette Parsons Harris* and they reviewed my case and started a medical negligence case against the doctors who failed to diagnose me in time and against my accident benefits insurer. I recovered money in both cases and it made a big difference in my life.

    R.G., Vancouver

    I became disabled from physical and psychological injuries after I was in a car crash. I hired a law firm and they acted for me for a couple of years and then the law firm told me my case was too complicated for them and referred me to Collette Parsons Harris*. I hired Collette Parsons Harris* and they prepared my case for trial and my case settled at mediation. I would without question recommend Collette Parsons Harris*.

    D.T., Kamloops

    I suffered a brain injury in a car accident. I hired Collette Parsons Harris* and they fought my case very hard. My case settled prior to trial. I recommend Collette Parsons Harris* to anyone injured in an accident.

    P.A., Vancouver

    I became a quadriplegic after I fell from a ladder. I hired a law firm to act for me and after a year they told me they did not think I had a good case and they were unwilling to continue as my lawyers. Then I hired Collette Parsons to act for me. They examined the defendants in my case and sent me to see experts and got my case ready for trial. The insurance company made a settlement offer prior to trial and my case settled. The settlement will make a big difference in my life. I have complete trust in Collette Parsons and I recommend them to anyone who has been injured.

    B.B., Burnaby

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