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Acting for victims of motor vehicle collisions
We work vigorously to achieve the maximum settlement or trial judgment possible for our clients.

Our method is straightforward. We begin by helping our clients access available services and rehabilitation funding sources so they can achieve the fullest recovery possible from their injuries. We then work vigorously to achieve the maximum settlement or trial judgment possible for our clients.

A large proportion of our practice involves acting for victims of motor vehicle collisions. Due to the extreme and chaotic forces at play during a motor vehicle collision, the type and severity of our clients’ injuries can vary greatly. We have achieved successful trial judgments and settlements for accident victims with all types of injuries. We act for people from all parts of┬áthe province.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision in BC, it is important to talk to a lawyer before you talk to ICBC. If you contact ICBC on your own and tell them you have been injured in a collision, they will set up an early meeting between you and an ICBC adjuster. At the meeting, the adjuster will write down everything you say in a statement and ask you to sign it. The adjuster who takes your statement has an obligation to the person who was at fault for the collision. The purpose of taking the statement is to limit or defeat your case against the person who injured you. It is best if you call us before you meet with ICBC.

Our Process

At Collette Parsons Harris*, our initial role is to maximize the amount of money available to you through Part 7 benefits, or any other insurance that may be available to you, to help you get your life back to the greatest extent possible. Our other important role is to collect evidence and fully build your case so it is properly supported and you can achieve full compensation for your injuries.

One of the most important functions of the lawyer building the case for the tort claim is retaining and instructing medical experts who can support the case at trial. We retain top experts to prove our clients’ cases.

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